Selçuk Gülsün elected as the PAGDER Chairman

Tarih : 2018-06-10

The 37th Ordinary General Shareholders Meeting of the Plastic Industrialists' Association of Turkey (PAGDER), one of the first industrial non-governmental organizations of Turkey, was concluded.  With the elections held during the General Meeting, Selçuk Gülsün assumed the position of chairman for the new term. Şekip Avdagiç, ITO Chairman, and Adil Pelister, IKMIB Chairman, also attended the General Meeting.  At the general meeting, the consensus between the plastics industrialists and non-governmental organizations was the immediate start-up of new petrochemical plants. During the general meeting, PAGDER ASLAN OIZ, one of the most important projects of PAGDER presented to the industry and the first specialized organized industrial zone for plastics, was provided with information on Plastics Turning Into Homes project, the social responsibility project addressing the widest mass of its history. Reha Gür, who handed over the chairmanship to Gülsün, pointed out that he had handed over the flag and said, "I thank you for giving me such an honor."

PAGDER elected the governing bodies to serve in 2019 when its 50th anniversary will be celebrated. The 37th Ordinary General Shareholders Meeting of PAGDER, one of the first non-governmental organizations of Turkey in business life, was a platform where the problems across the industry were assessed.

"We have achieved this goal long ago as the plastics industry and we have reached our present position as one of the rare industrial areas that have been placed among the top 10 countries," said ITO Chairman Şekip Avdagiç, who was among the guests of the General Meeting. "The plastics industry is exporting to 156 countries with an export amount of USD 5.5 billion," said Adil Pelister, Chairman of Istanbul Chemicals and Chemical Products Exporters' Association.

Having been elected as the chairman of the board of directors following the voting during the general meeting, Selçuk Gülsün gave a thanking speech and noted that they would work with the purpose of making PAGDER an organization that had a more solid foundation and that guaranteed its future with its own means and said, "In this term, we will take important steps with values received from the former terms."

PAGDER to host foreign buyers in Istanbul in 2019

Stating that they will organize "Turkish Plastics Meeting" with French ABE in Istanbul in March 2019, Selçuk Gülsün said, "We will provide job opportunities for the firms in the industry by bringing the top buyers and plastic processors to Turkey within the scope of the organization. We will undertake the Turkish operations of this event, which was held in France, Portugal and America so far, and bring 200 companies across the world to our country and organize a brand activity to contribute the commercial activities of our members."

Noting that PAGDER ASLAN Plastics-Specialized Organized Industrial Zone is an important value for the industry, Gülsün said, "The organized industrial zone, of which our association is a stakeholder, founded in 2012 will be ready for superstructure investments over the next months. We continue our efforts for the allocation of expansion area in the rising region of Vize district of Kirklareli."

New management and supervisory staff at PAGDER!

The new management elected after the 37th Ordinary General Shareholders Meeting of PAGDER consists of the following individuals; Selçuk Gülsün (Tisan Engineering Plastics), Oğuzhan Gürlek (Gürlek Plastics), Kenan Benliler (Güven-el Plastics), Tarık Özdemir (Tetra Polymer), Burak Erenoğlu (Akay Plastics) Hakan Dirgeme (Beno Plastics), Burç Angan (Hür-mak Plastics Automotive Machinery), Ünal Aykun (Semi Electronics), Oktay Ateşcan (Nüve Plastics), Aydın Hulagu  (Pimar Plastics),  Kemal Altan (Altan Plastics), Volkan Yaprak (Yapraksan Plastics) , Yaşar Alper (Alfor Plastics) Selahattin Yılmaz (Erka Packaging), Kenan Özeren (Opkon Optics Electronics), Serhat Balta (Enelkon Automation), Abdullah Karabulut (Ekin Machinery), Ömer Köstek (Gurbetçiler Plastics), Erkan Evrenkaya (Ser Resistance) Murat İçin (Fortis Plastics), Gökhan Can (Gökhan Plastics), Erkan Aydın (Gema Polymer), Mehmet Saraç (Saraç Plastics) Dursun Sevme (Sancar Chemistry)

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